Our Private Client Department at AR Brown & Co provides a professional service, with a personal and sympathetic approach, offering a quality specialist service. We fully explain all your rights and options to assist you in making the choices best for you in your particular circumstances. We will carefully guide you through all the relevant processes, working with you to smooth the way to a satisfactory and fair conclusion of your matter. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience.

Making your Will

The management of your personal assets and finances during your lifetime and on death is very important to ensure that tax liability is kept to a minimum and that your dependents are provided for as you would wish. A legally valid Will, together with the grant of Probate will ensure that those assets remaining after death will pass safely to those persons who you would wish should benefit from your estate and guarantee that every aspect of your estate is carefully managed when you are no longer around to oversee it.

Within the legally valid and enforceable Will, you will be able to plan every detail of your estate after death, from funeral arrangements and the powers given to Executors, to the gifts and any on-going needs of spouses, children, grandchildren, and other dependents. The Will is also an invaluable tool for the formation of trusts and, through them, the mechanisms for avoiding or reducing inheritance tax.

Probate and Estate Administration

On death, your estate assets are frozen and require the aid of Probate to unfreeze and redistribute. Where a Will has been made, Probate must be obtained, appointing the named Executors to administer the estate. Where a Will has not been made, the Court needs to grant Letters of Administration, usually in favour of close relatives, in accordance with the law of Intestacy. AR Brown & Co will give assistance and advice in all aspects that arise under either eventuality.

Estate Planning: Trusts and Inheritance Tax Planning

Conscientious financial planning can help reduce your tax liability and increase your financial capabilities in life, while enabling you to secure the preservation of those finances after death. Our experience in estate planning will enable us to guide you through the complexities of Trusts Law to your financial advantage, while considerations of inheritance tax liability will ensure that you can provide adequately for your descendants.

Elderly Client Services

At AR Brown & Co, we recognise the importance of providing for the future. We deal with various aspects of planning for retirement, and have extensive experience in providing a range of elderly client services. We aim at easing the legal and administrative burden which the protection of your assets may entail. It is important for us to make our advice comprehensive and transparent, without using unnecessary legal ‘jargon’. Our office is on the ground floor, situated with easy access for wheelchair users. Where necessary, we are happy to visit clients in their homes or hospital.

Other services include:

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) in respect of Property and Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare
  • Applications to the Guardianship Office and Court of Protection
  • Appointment of Deputies
  • Deeds of Variation of Wills
  • Lifetime Trusts
  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Living Wills
  • Advice on nursing or residential home fees and contracts

All work will be undertaken by Jennifer Walker (a Director), Robert Kynan (an experienced Private Client Solicitor) and our two secretaries Lisa Foley and Sarah Church.

Our Fees

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